Swinging flies, obviously.


Raise the Rivers.

Just add Kelly Slater!

Bob Triggs.

Bob’s name is something that was mentioned often when I worked at Orvis. Now I really see why. He is putting his money where his mouth is. It is fantastic to see people step up and show that they really care about a resource. He is a guide. He makes his money from taking people fishing. He won’t be guiding for winter run wild Olympic Peninsula Steelhead.

But for now- I won’t be guiding anyone for winter run wild Olympic Peninsula Steelhead any more.¬†Personally I feel that it has gone too far out here. The numbers of wild fish do not support sports fishing, not even a catch and release fishery. Not when we are talking about a “handful”¬†of fish returning, and only a few thousand escaping the gauntlet of nets, boats and hooks to spawn.

Read the whole story on his website, here.

Winter Run by Todd Moen

Not a bobber in sight.

Summer steelhead season begins.

Ginger beer is the only kind of beer I drink.

The winter season was a bit disappointing for me. While I wanted to prove everyone wring and actually catch a fish, it never happened. Maybe there was too much skiing and not enough fishing. It is hard to stay motivated while steelheading. Especially when I have no expectations of catching a fish. To celebrate my first steelhead I have decided to keep some of my favorite beer in the fridge. I won’t touch them until I catch a steelhead, on the swing. i am still not fishing beads. Sorry, folks. Yes, I come to “your” water in “your” state and come up with my own conclusions.

Day 1, summer 2013.

Just mere trout.

Not a Steelheading trip (so try not to freak out that I was fishing there), but there are Steelhead in the Yakima. Jason, Bill, and I hit the Yakima for a sunny day adventure. It was a blast and kind of fun to put sunscreen on in February. You gotta show some love to the MountainWhitefish.IMG_2599 IMG_2602 IMG_2606 IMG_2610 DSCN1057


Just another “S” river experience.

This place is no secret and I was hoping that the big waterfall upstream would keep the fish near me and ready to eat a swung fly. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. But the wind made me work hard on my casting and eating at Small Fryes afterwards was ver rewarding!Fall City


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